Barcelona Photoblog: Flower Bouquets at Flower Stall, La Rambla, Barcelona

September 11, 2007

Flower Bouquets at Flower Stall, La Rambla, Barcelona

These colorful flower bouquets I found at one of the flower stalls along La Rambla

It was a holiday in Barcelona as today it was the day of Catalonia, that is, La Diada that happens to coincide with the anniversary of the terrible events of the twin towers on September 11th or what we all know as 9/11. 

I went to see if I captured some new images of street artists so abundant in the area and I managed to take some pictures in the end. I will show you in coming posts since on second thought I preferred to post the flowers to honor 9/11 victims and commemorate our Diada.

As you probably know it is common to find flower stands along this famous street, in fact this part is called Ramblas de les Flors or Flower Ramblas because of the big assortment of flowers. 

There is a great offer of bouquets, made not only of natural plants but also of dried colorful flowers, some of them even painted.

Here are some links to examples of some flower bouquets of Las Ramblas, Barcelona as shown in other posts:

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