Thursday, October 16

Jogging in La Rambla, Barcelona

Jogging in La Rambla, Barcelona [enlarge]

Jogging in Las Ramblas de Barcelona is so difficult that instead of that we should call it dribbling or slalom. On the other hand, stubborn athletes you can find all year long in any part of the world. I don't know, you are in the middle of a safari in Africa and suddenly you see a jogger waving at you right behind the lions. An old man is being mugged in a dark suburban street and a person in a hooded sweater passes by swiftly as a ghost in a Japanese horror movie, probably so isolated in their thoughts following a podcast on the benefits of sports that they inadvertently end up in the most transited and smoggy street of the city. In this case, there was some kind of cosmic impasse and for some milliseconds there was no one near the jogger, probably due to the use of a special force field or protective shield invisible to the human eye. Come to think of it, she was just a lucky tourist on the wrong street.