Barcelona Photoblog: Under the Archway, Carrer del Bisbe, Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Friday, October 3, 2008

Under the Archway, Carrer del Bisbe, Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Under the Archway, Carrer del Bisbe, Barri Gotic, Barcelona [enlarge]

Walking in slow motion under the archway at Casa de los Canónigos in Bisbe Irurita street, if you really concentrate you can manage to stop time for a couple of seconds, while you bathe in the bright light of the sun. You should stay there, spreading your arms in the way only a child can do, stretching your head back up to face the backlit figures, the same sculptures that have witnessed the existence of so many souls. Quiet now, you almost hear them murmuring. They have this melancholic expression and they are whispering: "I am with you my son, please don't worry, people come and people go, you don't need to hurry. Some have left, others will come, but the flame is always burning. The world is cruel, there is pain, the flesh hurts but I am here to save you from your demons, I will sacrifice myself for you. Go and cross this bridge now, you will not remember me, but I will always be with you". And then you'll feel a sudden cold breeze and a little pain on your neck and shoulders of looking up so intensely and you will ask yourself: "What the heck was that?
Please, this is only a fiction, do not block the archway. Wear some protection, looking directly at the sun may hurt your eyes badly. Do not ask passerbyes if they also heard that. They know but they will act normal and pretend nothing happened. 


  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    This picture is just lovely. Great perspective. Your pictures are such quality!

  2. Yes, I agree with lessie, you have really great photos!

  3. @Lessie @Mary Jo Well, thank you! That pays for all the work.


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