Barcelona Photoblog: Three Jota Singers From Aragon, Spain

Monday, October 13, 2008

Three Jota Singers From Aragon, Spain

Three Jota Singers From Aragon, Spain [enlarge]

Following in the steps of yesterday's post about Festa Major de Vilapicina i La Torre Llobeta in Barcelona, today I show you three jota singers in traditional dresses from Aragon, Spain. Notice the colorful shawls and the hair-cages with "false" braids. If you are fond of Spanish traditions and you are interested in knowing how a jota sounds please watch the video.


  1. I loved the posts today and yesterday because of the beautiful colors in the shawls, the lovely faces of the women, and the links that helped me to learn about jota. It was all new to me and made me smile on a really gloomy, rainy day in Oregon!

  2. Anonymous7:49 AM

    love the sharp colors on this shot. very nice! :)

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    This is the essence of Spain for us - the colors, the smiles, the music (yes it is there, right?)
    You have managed to capture the nice atmosphere between those ladies!
    Great photos!

  4. Yes, that's what I found most interesting too. I personally don't like jotas. Well, not a personal thing against them. But I have never been fond of traditional music. I suppose that happens when the particular tradition comes from your own country or somewhere near. I don't know. This is like expecting all Mexicans to love corridos or Argentinians to go crazy about Tangos. Maybe you hate country music, or whatever. I have been always amazed at the fact that we do like other peoples traditions. We love Japanese culture for example, or we are impressed by Masais jumping next to the hut, but we tend to neglect our own traditions. Not that jotas have to do with mine but they are too near, as well as flamenco or sardanas. I am digressing a little bit, but I hope you get my point. Thanks so much Lydia :)

  5. -claire, I appreciate your kind words.
    -Well, in general we are happy people. With some exceptions :) It must be the good weather or the Latin origin. Who knows. Everybody was having a great time. I am glad (redundance) that you say that.

  6. I love all the nice comments I am receiving about the true flavor of Spain. The Spanish culture is some kind of concoction or melting pot. We as a country with many regions share different traditions, some are very similar, take the case of food, but others are rather opposite. Abroad, Spain projects an image, that many times is not linked to our reality. You know, famous cliches, like ole, toros, etc. We have a lot of that but not as much as you think. So when I have the opportunity to show you our cultural background I also would like you to know that many of these things are part of the past. Of course there are people that still sell this image to the world as long as it sells. Those of you who have visited us often are fully aware of this. Please feel free to comment, ask, express your admiration or disagree with my posts. I love it.

  7. Spring Break Ski Trip say this: "These grand ladies are really Bedecked in grandeur!

    I'm sure that festival is a treat for all the senses!"

    -Thank you very much sir.


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