Barcelona Photoblog: The Digital Era And The Evolution of Tourists

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Digital Era And The Evolution of Tourists

Tourists in Barri Gotic, Barcelona [enlarge]

The digital era has arrived in photography too, and some species like these hunters have evolved into more complex organisms or individuals. Hunting mechanisms have been perfected so shooting is no longer associated with reloading. This photographer is proudly carrying his Sony dslr camera looking for fresh preys to take home as trophies. The woman follows absently, almost frightened by the unknown perils behind every corner of Barri Gotic. Now seriously, I took this picture last month in the Gothic quarter and this kind couple happened to be admiring the streets of Barcelona. They looked passionate and interested in what they were coming across, like children with a new toy, so from here I wish to thank them for their visit. I hope they had a nice stay in the city.

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  1. Anonymous6:50 PM

    love this photo carlos! i want to print it and put it on my wall. hunters indeed....

  2. Miss Expatria said: Hi, I'm a big fan of your blog. I'm a freelance writer in Montpellier, France and I emailed you the other day about a strange project my client has that needs someone in Barcelona. Can you please let me know if you got it, and if you know anyone who would be interested in doing it? I'm in a crunch! Thanks, Christine

  3. -thanks barcelonablog. I hope it looks great on your blog. :)
    -Yes I got it Christine. No, I don't know anyone.

  4. Wonderful catch of expressions!

  5. Great! Should be in a magazine!

  6. p.s. I visited Dave Hill Photography's extreme photography! I prefer your art.

  7. Anonymous3:16 AM

    ack,now, this is what scares us tourists - being so obvious as tourists and remarked so by the locals...


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