Barcelona Photoblog: Taxi Drivers: A World Apart!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taxi Drivers: A World Apart!

Taxi Drivers: A World Apart![enlarge]

This is some kind of natural law, taxi drivers are a world apart. It is a very venerable profession given all the crap they have to take from us daily but...what about them?. Who hasn't lived an enriching experience after talking to a friendly cab driver? Many people have. But, who hasn't been as talkative as Buster Keaton before breakfast on the way to the airport (usually a long ride) after finding out how funny your random driver is that morning? There are many kinds of taxi drivers, they are people after all, not automatic pilots. They have their existential problems as we all have. That's quite normal. The problem is that in such small space their influence can jump at you like lice from head to head on a hippie convention. Some peculiar behaviors are already documented in Psychiatry, but many of them are still considered normal. You've got the sports fan type (normally the other team's fan),the political type (the other party's follower), the philosopher, basically nihilists (no change, not going your way, no smoking in here), the braggart (they can brag just about everything and my post is short)...and the discreet, who I certainly prefer. This fiction rant is dedicated to all taxi drivers who work around the clock and have saved our butts on many occasions. Please, don't get mad at my words today, especially my friend in the picture for obvious reasons.


  1. "They all have their own existential problems"...I imagine it must become a game for some of them...depending on who is in the cab with them. Or, they are so very burnt out they don't care anymore...and therefore become who they truely are...the sportsfan, the nihilist...

  2. Nice picture! and nice story :)

    But I don't like the "black" part on the bottom, it needs some details

  3. Thanks. As to the black part, you are totally right. The original was not right from the beginning but I liked the light and the man doing his finger nails. I tried to save the bottom somehow. The black in the larger picture is not lost but your right, no detail. Thanks for your observation.

  4. That guy looks like he could defend himself well if a rider tried to rob him.
    I haven't been in a taxi since my husband and I took one from our hotel to the Municipal Bldg., in New York to be married! Our driver was the silent type, although he did admit to being amazed that we'd take a taxi to our wedding....


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