Barcelona Photoblog: Autumn Falls Over Vallgorguina Near Montseny Mountains

October 08, 2008

Autumn Falls Over Vallgorguina Near Montseny Mountains

Autumn leaves around wooden table and benches [enlarge]

Everybody has its secret place to enjoy the beauty of autumn. This is one of my many hidden glades. The town is called Vallgorguina, near Montseny mountain and out of Barcelona. Well, in fact it is not too poetic and by any means secret because those rustic tables and benches are used for public costilladas (derived from ribs), a sort of BBQ where you make your own fire with the wood you buy there. You have to rent the grill but you carry your own meat. You pay the restaurant nearby for using the tables too. So as you see enjoying the fall is not that cheap anymore. One curious thing, the area is said to be a magic place where witches celebrate their aquelarres or sabbaths. Locals say they gather near the Dolmen of Piedra Gentil when there's a full moon. So try to finish your ribs before dusk.

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