Barcelona Photoblog: Balloon By Montserrat

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Balloon By Montserrat

Balloon By Montserrat [enlarge]

There's nothing like a good landscape and a big balloon with shiny colors standing out against some mountain walls and a deep blue sky. Unfortunately some of them show off some publicity sometimes like this Caixa Manresa (a local bank) logo. Obviously banks tend to inflate big balloons every now and then, they rise and fall, and on many occasions they blow up or get drifted away. This one was firmly tied up to the ground just in case. Behind it the beautiful mountain of Montserrat.


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    This photo is very nice. I love the contrast between the red ballon and the landscape. I went to Montserrat a year ago and it's really a nice place!

  2. Montserrat is great yes. Then you know what I mean. Thanks for the nice words anthony.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Hi, I'm the pilot to this balloon. Well, you know, if no add on it, you could never had made a photo, because it was there, tethered, to allow people experience a short flight and do some advertisement.
    If you want to take pictures on blank balloons you can contact me.

  4. - Great Pep! It is a pleasure and I am happy you found the image and let us know you were the pilot. It's a small world after all :) You are absolutely right! No ads, no balloon, no pictures. I remember someone was calling over the loudspeaker for parents to let children try a little ride. I saw the line of people in front of the balloon (at least 20 and I was there pretty early) It lifted for a while and then descended for more people. It was and it is beautiful, in spite of the ad. I thought it would be better off without the logo but I guess that's a little bit selfish. Well, yes, if there is a public activity with no ads, it would be great! I am happy that you came Pep.

  5. Parce que j'ai "voyagé" en ballon avec lui, je suis sûre que Pep est un des meilleurs pilotes de Catalogne! Je suis très fière qu'il soit mon ami!
    Et je pense aussi que Carlos est un excellent photographe :-)

  6. Mais sa est une véritable coïncidence. Je vous remerci pour votre appui.

  7. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Fantastic shot in an impressive landscape.

  8. I never see them here!
    How peaceful.


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