Barcelona Photoblog: Metallica Drawing: Skeleton and Girl With Gun

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Metallica Drawing: Skeleton and Girl With Gun

Metallica Drawing: Skeleton and Girl With Gun [enlarge]

The post will not deal with the famous band, Metallica cause I am not a follower. I am just here for the artistic part of the drawing. I have to admit that I do like their ballads. Having said that I should tell you that I just liked the comics style and thought I might frame it at the stall where it was displayed. Then I thought that as Halloween was coming what better than something spooky. There were no pumpkins so I came up with skulls and bones. Here are two ballads you can listen too: One and Nothing Else Matters


  1. I love heavy mettal draws as well tattos draws but I never could wear them :)

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Imagen magnífica. Colores y tonos excelentes. Como el proceso y los detalles. Composición excepcional.

  3. Anonymous11:41 PM

    really cool shot! :)

  4. For comics style you may want to check out Gris Grimly and Crab Scrambly. Both are (in my humble poodle opinion) fab character artists, and just a little spooky too. Graphic novelas are a welcome treat. You do have a great eye!

  5. -Thanks Mary Jo. I like them too but just that.
    -¡Muchas gracias John! Perfecto castellano.
    -Thanks Claire.
    -Thanks for the tips. This is a field I don't know too well so I hope you don't mind my ignorance.


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