Barcelona Photoblog: It's A Letter


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's A Letter

Man reading letter at Sant Jaume square, Barcelona [enlarge]

You see, any story could arise from this image. But to tell a story inspiration is a must and my well is very dry tonight. If I had the will to write, I imagine I would say this man came to Barcelona, was visiting Sant Jaume square after meandering the "solitary" streets of the old Gothic quarter when suddenly he decided to open the secret letter that someone had left at the hotel desk that morning. "Gosh, I told them I had paid for that and they are charging me twice". No, that's irrelevant and too common!. What can I say?. He was a musician, yes, an orchestra conductor, mentally rehearsing tonight's score. Wait, maybe he's just following some route on a map, a sort of Da Vinci code. Hum, no fountains or secret church entrance in this square. Perhaps he was a lost Manga artist drawing some new character. Well, you know what, why don't you finish the story for me. It's A Letter...

If you need inspiration for more irrelevant things to add to my irrelevant story please check this Monthy Python video first: It's A Tree (specially the introduction!)


  1. I'm not good in telling stories, but i love the photo!

  2. it does indeed bring up many stories

  3. -Don't worry Mary Jo, it's all about the photo. I was so bored I was sick with my own words so I preferred to completely sabotage my own story. I fortunately found the video at random and to my surprise it started with an awful TV host boring the audience. I thanked my luck for that. I even changed the title to adapt it to the video later. Thanks.
    -Thanks elaine. I wish I were a writer :(

  4. very impressive street shot

  5. Good focus on this nice street picture ;)

  6. Thanks Klaus and jotabe. Your comments are make me feel like taking more pictures :)

  7. Carlos
    you are definetly right interesting pictures can been taken from the most mundane things however there is not one picture on your blog which is mundane great Blog !! im adding it to Technorati !

  8. Arman was tired and alone in the city. Traveling under disguise was starting to wear on his nerves and better sense of ethics. The bag he had carried countless miles was heavy,but the letter that he had pulled from the inside recesses of the satchel weighed even more. Stopping to read the contents one last time, a single line caught his attention as a bird' flight catchs ones attention in a clear October sky.

  9. -Thanks bule
    -Thanks philip, nice wildlife photography.
    -thanks smilingdog you really gave my story some meaning in quite a literary way.


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